We deal in shares and securities of all type of listed and unlisted securities, bonds, debentures etc. We make own investments in shares, securities, bonds, etc. We are dealing in short term or long term finances for reputed and well known business entities.

  • The Company is engaged in the business of Non-Banking Financial Institution.
  • The main business of the Company is to invest its funds in financial services.

We also deals in Project Consultation activities such as offering consultation regarding merger, acquisition, takeover of companies, hotels, resorts and industrial units, factories, mills etc. The activities involve viability study of various companies which come up for sale including study and analysis of promoters background, technical and financial capabilities of the Companies, Hotel acquisition including analysis of occupancy rate and Average Rate of Return per Room, locational viability, marketing strategies etc. of the former promoters of the Hotels/Resorts/industrial unit/mill etc.

The study also involves ratio analysis and study of financial indicators of the Company, hotel, factory etc. and giving consultation for the viability and steps required for increasing the viability of the project.   The Company also arranges finance for Companies both domestically as well as also through Foreign Investments.

The Company was formerly engaged in the activity of sale and purchase of shares.  The Company had also managed few issues initially after incorporation before announcement of stringent guidelines of RBI.  The Company had thereafter engaged itself in sale and purchase of shares.

The Company has also received various listings of properties in India which have been listed for sale. The Company has been in constant touch with various buyers in India and abroad who are interested to purchase the property. The Company is undertaking new projects and ventures.